Heaten canon works

 I just got th read The God Delusion, an watched two movies, "Religulous" and "The God who wasn't there"

 It all excellent and I recommend them to people who feel tempted by superstition and religion. Sadly none of them can really pierce through the thick skull of a blind believer, although The God Delusion could in theory.

 In the end the important thing is to rise conscientiousness, religion thumps because, among other things, the silent consent of the atheist mases.

 Oh and it was a lot of fun.

Reseña de Quiciera se un millionario (Slumdog Millionaire)

 Es buena, vallan a verla.

 Para ciertas audiencias especializadas, la película no será demasiado original. Es acerca de un niño muy, muy pobre que se vuelve aun más pobre, debido a un trágico evento, pero de alguna manera sobrevive. Sobrevive, no esta ni cerquitas de volverse millonario hasta que se metió en un programa de concursos en la televisión.

 La cosa es que nadie cree que un pobre como el pueda haber contestado tantas respuestas bien, así que el nos relata la historia de su vida, y como aprendió las respuestas a algunas de estas preguntas debido a trágicos eventos.

 Es básicamente otra pelicula sobre crecer en la miseria, y de alguna forma, es cautivadora, tiene accón, drama e incluso romance sin verse forzado en la historia. La mejor parte es conocer sobre la cultura de la India, especialmente los barrios bajos.

 Cinco estrellas.

 Bonus Post: Chai Wallah.

 Esta frase se me pego mucho, lo tradujeron como, chico del té. Viene de:
 Chai: Té
 Wallah: Prestador servicios.

 Reconocí la palabra chai inmediatamente, lei un comentario hace mucho tiempo, que la palabra "cha" para decir "té" es universal en asia. En la india se dice chai, y en algunas partes de china se dice chi, pero en general todo el mundo reconoce "cha" para decir té, eso nos demuestra lo importancia y antiguedad del té en la cultura oriental.

 Más aun, quedé sorprendido al ver el tipo de té que se usa en la india, es cafe claro pero opaco, parecido más al... café, es decir la bebida.

 Sucede que no es cualquier té es Masala Chai, el tipo de té más común en el sur de la India, lleva pimienta negra, clavo, canela, anís y una hierba rara que jamás he probado, cardamomo.

Review of Slumdog Millionaire

It's good, it really is, go watch it.

 For some, very specialized audiences, the movie won't be very original. It's about a very very poor kid who gets even poorer by tragic accidents and some how survives. Surviving, that's it, he actually isn't anywhere near becoming a millionaire until he gets into a Questions & answers TV Show.

 Thing is nobody believes a slumdog like him has gotten so much answers right, so he explains the story of his life, and how he came to know the answers he has got right out of tragic events.

 Its basically yet another movie about growing up in the slums, and its somehow captivating, it has action, tragedy, and even a love story without feeling stuffed. The greatest thing about the movie is taking a peek into the Indian culture, particularly the slums.

 Five stars.

 Bonus Post: Chai Wallah.

 I got really fond of this phrase, translated as "Tea boy", comes from:
 Chai: Tea
 Wallah: Worker

  I recongnozied the world chai immediately, long ago I read a comment about how the word "cha" is universal in Asia. It's prinounced "chai" in India and "chi" in some regions of China, but in Japan and most of asia is "cha", so we get an idea of how important and acient tea is in asian culture.

 I was even more suprised to see that this Indian, it's light brown and opaque, like coffe with milk.

 It happens to be Masala Chai, the most common type of tea in south India, it contains cinnamon, ginger, star anise, peppercorn, cloves and a herv I've never tasted before, cardamom.

Alguien me odia

 Meh, no tiene caso decir quien, pero alguien me escribió para decirme que me odiaba solo omitió los detalles de porque y no se a dignado a decirme porque quiere tumbarme los dientes.


Penn Says but I can't hear him

 For some reason his flash player doesn't work right in ubuntu and his posts aren't as good as his show anyway so I'm unsubscribing to his feed, it's not a bad feed actually pay him some attention: http://crackle.com/c/Penn_Says

 He's Penn famous for the Penn & Teller magic stuns in las Vegas and his show "Bullshit!" which I can't recommend enough.

 By the way, he should tie his hair up, he looks like and old lady like this, and don't look at me like this, the first one to admit it.

Many a thing to blog

 Got so much to blog I made a post about it. Today subject are:

 Somebody hates me
 Penn Says hates linux (not really)
 Slumdog millionaire
 Heathen canon works
 Morality Quiz results.
 Lotsa replies to blogs and stuff, I've beeen collecting losts of feeds and they in turn give lots of cool things to comment about.


Hello Bespin

 Last week Mozilla announced Bespin - the web development environment.

 Bespin is a web-application, you install it on your server. In a private domain I suppose.

 Its entirely written in javascript and instead of writing directly to the DOM it uses the not so-recent-but-not-very-popular-anyway canvas DOM element.

 They actually implemented a canvas/javascript GUI toolkit for this application, namely "Thunderhead"

 What's hot?
 - Portable environment.
 - Real-time collaboration over the net.
 - Project management for free.
 - Streamlined extensibility, extensions are installed with a single click.
 - Ubiquity like commands (i mean Quicksilver/Katapult/Launchbox/Launchy/Do/Krunner style)
 Now, the first concern for a javascript editor is, is it fast? It looks fast in the screencast, in fact they brag a lot about the speed provided by canvas.

 But that was running in a clean Safari, my heavily extended Ubuntu Firefox was sluggish as hell.

 Now Mozilla neglects Fiefox in Linux and I know I'm running too many extensions. I could install Epiphany but being a Mozilla product I can't believe they aren't going to laverage that advantage.

 On the other hand in Windows I have no option but Firefox, except closed source Opera.

 On an slithly unrelated note Epiphany-webkit crashes as soon as I try to visit any website so that's outta question too.

 I can't help but compare it to KomodoEdit. KomodoEdit has been my editor for over 2 years and I love it, but the open source version is stalled on features, and may never grow them as it eats into the market  of its closed source parent KomodoIDE.

 If Bespin gets more of the code inspection features that KomodoEdit is lacking I'll definitively switch, with the amusing implication that I'll have to use either multiple profiles or different browsers for bespin and my web surfing because of sluggishness.
 But with the new that Firefox 4 Will try to use artificial inteligense and natural language processing I think I'll finally leave Firefox after so many years.


import time

Today is a special date, well actually an special UNIX date, according to the UNIX calendar -which is measured in seconds after January 1 1970- we are approaching date 1234567890 at precisely 18:31:30.

So in anticipation, let's write a little clock script:

import time
while True:
print int(time.time())

Or if you prefer a countdown clock like myself:

import time
t = True
while t:
t = 123456789 - int(time.time())
print t
print "Happy valentine ^_^!"


Net Neutrality is good Tinyurl is wrong

 I'm very sad to discover Tinyurl is spreading lies against net neutrality in a site I won't dignify by linking to it.

Net neutrality in an nutshell
 Internet usage can be measured, its unit is the bit/s or bits per second. The companies that built and/or manage the connection are called ISP for Internet Service Provider, everybody else is a user, you, me, Google, Yahoo, etc.
 Of course Google, Yahoo et al pay a lot more to their ISP because they transmit a lot more bit/s.
 The issue is, the ISP want to charge them more for each bit/s and that's the problem.

 ...at least half of it, the other problem is that ISP want to compete with them with their own services and are using their privileged position to slow down the competition, soon you'll find that YouTube is getting much slower than that brand new ISPTube, why could it be?[/sarcasm]
 And that's why net neutrality is so important. I don't care how much Google pays for each bit per second or each bit per month as long as they pay at the same rate than everybody else and specially, at the same rate than the ISP own services as well.


The best questions against atheism

 Creationist Lee Strobel wanting to pretend to be objective made a poll asking what should it take to make them Christians (actually non atheists but i disgress):

"What argument is most convincing to plant the seeds of doubt (or, rather, faith)?"
 Several high profile atheists answered with rather easy to disprove questions, granted, they didn't say they believed it but that they could be used to make an atheist hesitate.

 Personally I find this to be the best argument in favor or christianity:

 "What if you are being deceived by the devil? Maybe all the evidence that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago is fabricated, maybe the stupidity that the universe was necessarily created by a superman ghost that doesn't need to be created actually makes sense, maybe all of God's carnages and slaughtering of innocent  children is actually a pretty cool thing and the only reason you think hurting people is wrong is because you are possessed by Satan?"

 I wish I was kidding, this is the best argument in favor of faith I can come up with.