Yggdrasil Linux

Recently I changed my hostname, that is, the host name of my desktop machine for something shorter.

I have been using 'yggdrasil' as a hostname for 4 years, I got it from the universal computer in Ah Megami-sama, so I googled to see if anyone else was using or refering to their linux box as yggdrasil, it turns out it is a popular name for a linux machine, so much that there is a distribution named just like that, Yggdrasil Linux, small world indeed.


Object/Relational Mapping is the Vietnam of Computer Science

Let me add myself to the multitude of people who found this enlightening:

"Object/Relational Mapping is the Vietnam of Computer Science. It represents a quagmire which starts well, gets more complicated as time passes, and before long entraps its users in a commitment that has no clear demarcation point, no clear win conditions, and no clear exit strategy." -- Ted Neward


Software Developer Personality Type

Did this one and got this:

Given the choice, The Pragmatist appreciates clear, comprehensive objectives and strategies. However, The Pragmatists accepts that this is not always possible and will accept uncertainty where necessary. The Pragmatist likes to work things out in advance, but only when this planning is legitimate - not just a convenient fiction for the sole purpose of satisfying a manager or sticking to a method.

In a software development project, The Pragmatist expects to make the big decisions up front, but is content to work out the details while writing the code. He or she views methods, models and frameworks as tools to be used as long as they help and abandoned when they cease to be useful. The Pragmatist will say “don’t fix what’s not broken,” but only as long as it’s really not broken! The Pragmatist understands where the project is not only by referring to the plan, but also by considering the project’s goals and feedback from stakeholders (e.g., users, marketing).

The Pragmatist may experience conflict with team members who either 1) want to stick with plans or methods even if they don’t seem to be working, or 2) prefer to jump straight into coding without any planning at all.