Please don't ruin Taken

 Nuke the Fridge Reports that a sequel to Taken. Now Taken was a bad-ass movie but the plot doesn't let itself to sequels. I can't tell for sure this is gonna suck but I get the impression that Hollywood just can't help but make sequels of anything until it sucks.


Stepping down from the battle field.

 I'm going to stop reading about religion and those BS factories known as apologists. News about old ladies getting beaten by the religious police or about 9 year old rape victims excommunicated from their church and communities for seeking abortion even though the doctors say that giving birth to her twins will surely kill her... are just too depressing.

 And apologists have to be the most stubborn, and cheating liers in the world. You can read them passages straight from the Bible with all needed context and they'll insist this is not what the Bible says completely making shit up as necessary.

 It's just too tiring and I need to concentrate on work and the brighter side of life for a good, long time. I'll pick just one from my very favorite atheist blogs...

 Pharyngula is very fun but very high traffic and lots of noise.
 Debunking Christianity is exactly the kind of stuff I'm trying to avoid.
 Atheist Comics and By the Book Comics are somewhat funny but its fluff and I'm meaning to trim my feeds.
 Evangelical Realism is AWESOME, one of my favorite blogs, its about a guy who's practically making a religion about believing the truth. It's like a masters degreein making sense and being consistent. Yet it is exactly because of these awesome stuff I get lost into the discussion so much.
 Dwindling In Unbelief is hilarious, its a collection of lots of goofy killings made by God, including failed murder attepts by God (no kidding) or fun stuff as when the Bible described God as a redhead by proxy.
 richarddawkins.net is a forum and its news are very derivative, it could be my chosen blog simply because it's low traffic and boring but
 Skeptico is also low traffic and essasay oriented and while it covers good topics they are a little too basic for me.
 Daylight Atheism is also kinda boring (sorry Evangelical Realism has me spoiled) so I'm simply give it up.
 Why wont God heal amputees?: The blog is very good in balance between informative and succintness.
 Atheist Media Blog is excellent! More iinformative and more succint, except because I'm meaning to avoid video blogs, but simply knowing what's goping on is all I care about now.

 In the end the winner is Atheist Media Blog, however something that bothers me is that the page tends to slow my browser, but using Brief the problems are berable.

 Next is the Python blogs, must are nothing but a bother...

Morality takes you a long way

 I was reading about the "deconversion" story of a man who came to doubt his faith when he started reading about history, biology and geology and realized the Bible was wrong. I found it interesting that it was the loss of faith in biblical inerrancy that made him an agnostic, for me it was morality....

 I realized these problems before age 10, I figured out that God made the world in a deceitful way. I also knew of the contradictions in the Bible but again God himself said he wanted smart people to get lost (Mat 11:25).

 For me it was the sheer immorality of God what disgusted me to no end. Reading the Bible was an exercise in outrage, now, the Bible contains ass-covering clauses, but I could see they were cop outs, so I began reading apologetics too, not so much interested in science (I was very interested in science but Christian literature is appalling in that subject).

 Of course the apologetic garbage was a HUGE TANGLE OF COP OUTS some of them incredibly ridiculous like the ontological principle. I realized there was zero sustainable truths in christianity. Then I looked around and found people of many religions buried in the same circularly logical beliefs. Then I simply detached of any belief in Gods.

 Fear of God and belief in souls and afterlife lasted for longer though.

 Fear of God was instilled in me by brainwashing, but I knew it was irrational, for many weeks before going to sleep I found myself wondering "What if...?" but then I remembered "Are you afraid of Allah, Zeus, Quetzalcoatl? Of course no..." You grow out of that fear eventually.

 Belief in souls or afterlife is even more sticky, but my interest in science eventually lead me to neuroscience...

 Knowing enough about your brain shatters many conceptions of "self" let alone souls.

 The last problem was a problem of attitude. I was emotionally attached to the concept of souls, I found my new soulless yet pure model of reality unsatisfactory. It was dualism what was holding me back somehow. The problem is realizing that dualism is pointless.

 It doesn't matter if your soul is made of meat or ectoplasm, it is still a fragile -and malleable- piece of clockwork that can be tampered.

 If dualism doesn't protect your "self" what is the point of holding into it? especially when you consider it is false anyway.

 I'm, now, free :)


Immortal la pelicula

 Immortal es una película aparentemente independiente pero con altos valores de producción. La historia.

 Kenrro me la recomendó hace poco, según dicen será la segunda blade runner, hará historia y será epica.

 No me convenció.

 Este a película tiene 4 puntos relucientes.

 1) El diseño. Es excelente, todo es muy elaborado, no esperen algo agradable, ya que este es un mundo distópico, pero en su afan de ser moustroso o simplemente no-humano, todo ha sido diseño para verse muy diferente al presente, si bien el unico personaje que parece sacado directamente de nuestra epoca, de hecho viene de nuestra epoca.

 2) El mundo futuristico. Es de hecho, nada fuera de lo común, es un futuro distópico megaurbano con aliens, mutantes, cyrborgs/humanos. Pese a las muchas insinuaciones de que este es un mundo muy complejo, y pese a la megacorporacion "Eugenics" aparentemente tramando algo sombrio la historia no desarrolla ese elemento, es simplemente decoracion.

 Lo más relevnte es que hace mucho tiempo, un hombre llamado Nikopol era un caudillo de los no-humanos y como resultado parece haberse convertido en un che guevara, con reveldes esparciendo graffitts holográficos proclamando sus ideales por toda la ciudad. Nikopol regresa a la sociedad y es uno de los personajes principales pero de nuevo, es simplemente decoracion y no llega a nada.

 3) Efectos especiales. Muy buenos, buen uso de la computadora. Pero en el 2009 buenos efectos especiales ya no son una razón para ir a ver una película.

 4) Combinacion de animación y filme. La pelicula tiene secciones enteramente hechas por CG incluyendo a toda la gente y de hecho la mayoría de los personajes son CG es como ver una version futurista de Sherk. Pero una buena parte de los personajes son actores reales.

 No se nos dio ningúna explicaciones de esto, se supone que todo esto ocurre en un mismo universo, en si, quicieron ahorrarse actores con CG, realmente patetico.

 Calificacion final 2.5 extrellas.


Obras canonicas de los infieles

 Acabo de leer el libro de Dawkins "El espejismo de Dios"y de ver dos películas, "El Dios que no estaba" y "Religulous" (Juego de palabras de Religioso y ridículo"

 Todo fue excelente y las recomiendo a aquellos que esten tentados a caer en la supersticion y la religión. Lamentablemente ninguna de estas obras puede penetrar la dura cabeza de alguien que cree ciegamente, aunque El espejismo de Dios, podria, en teoría.

 Al fin de cuentas lo importante es hacer conciencia, la religion triunfa, entre otras muchas cosas, por el concentimiento silencioso de las masas ateas.

 Oh, y fue muy divertido.