The best questions against atheism

 Creationist Lee Strobel wanting to pretend to be objective made a poll asking what should it take to make them Christians (actually non atheists but i disgress):

"What argument is most convincing to plant the seeds of doubt (or, rather, faith)?"
 Several high profile atheists answered with rather easy to disprove questions, granted, they didn't say they believed it but that they could be used to make an atheist hesitate.

 Personally I find this to be the best argument in favor or christianity:

 "What if you are being deceived by the devil? Maybe all the evidence that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago is fabricated, maybe the stupidity that the universe was necessarily created by a superman ghost that doesn't need to be created actually makes sense, maybe all of God's carnages and slaughtering of innocent  children is actually a pretty cool thing and the only reason you think hurting people is wrong is because you are possessed by Satan?"

 I wish I was kidding, this is the best argument in favor of faith I can come up with.

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