The Dark Night, review pending...

 I've just seen Batman The Dark Night, the best thing I can say about it is that I can't say anything about it yet, for an amateur cinephile it is a mouth full to analyse!


Melancholy Elephants

This is a truly inspirational story, what better way to get our point across than by writing a fine SciFi story?

Melancholy Elephants by Spider Robinson

The literal version.

I have many random stuff I'd like to share, many are youtube vids, but I don't because I'd like to space out a little so my "readers" can keep up with them, except I don't have any readers any way let me talk you about "literal versions videos".

A literal version video is a music video where the lyrics have been replaced by literal descriptions of the music video itself. Personally I thin it's genius.

Instead of embedding a bunch of videos and make the page lag I'll just link them from here. I'll also add them to my del.icio.us.

Rick Roll: The Literal Version
U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking For
A-Ha - Take on Me
Head Over Heels: Literal Video Version
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

That last one is a literal version trailer but it's just as funny.


Garfield Minus Garfield

 I stumbled upon "Garfield minus Garfield" a parody of Garfield that features John talking alone to his imaginary cat. Go figure, even if Garfield was there the truth of the matter is that this guy is talking to his cat as if he was a person, the result is eerily funny. I'll keep on feeding that random tag.


Bye bye Bush!

 Today is the day, today we celebrate.

8 Years Of Bush in 8 Minutes! ~Olbermann


The perfect SCV rush

Gotta feed that random tag here is the acclaimed SCV rush (starcraft).

Don't talk to the police!

This is kinda old but priceless. I wish México had a 5th Amendment analogue, in fact I'm gonna ask a lawyer next time I see one.


Ubuntu fixes Click of Death

 Slashdot reports that Ubuntu has implemented a workaround the manufacturers windows oriented configuration that resulted in dead hard drives, the so called click of death.

 This and the news that Ubuntu 9.04 can boot in about 20 seconds on some systems are taking my hope of running Ubuntu in my netbook much closer.

 Now if only they made it sleep properly I'll be sold.

Let the bus driver alone!! [/emo]

Everybody is making a fuss about the bus driver that refused to drive a bus with a (very positive and polite) atheist banner. Now honestly if I were asked to drive a bus with banner that said...


I'd also refuse to do it. He must be fired, its fair, I'll be fired too if I did that, but I don't question the morality of his reaction, just the rationality (or even the morality) of his faith.

Linux Keyboards

 I found these keyboards made by ZaReason with Ubuntu and Tux logos instead of Windows logos in their Super/Meta keys, personally I think a more conservative and subtle logo is more fit for these keys, the original meta key used a solid diamond. There is no official Super logo, but a star was proposed and I think it would look great.


Christian cowardice

Haven't you noticed that christian blogs rarely have public comments? And that when they do they censor dissent anyway?

Here is a blog post asking why are we atheists, including his list of suspected reasons:

- You read the works of Voltaire and became a convert?

- You are a secret Luciferian posing as an Atheist.

- You are a Communist?

_ You went to church when you were younger but never experienced God?

- You want to make yourself God and do not like competition?

-You are a postmodernisand you believe that that there is no ultimate truth?

-You read the works of Charles Darwin and are writing manuscripts of the next “My Atheist Struggle”?

- A Catholic Priest made a pass at you and you blame God?

- You are secretly in love with Richard Dawkins and have not told your parents that you are not like other men?

- You are not convinced evil exists.

_ You believe the ten commandments are harmful to the well being of human kind.

_ You are following a trend?

Here is my reply which I doubt he will post:
My separation from christianity came in stages, first I rejected God when I read the bible and found God was nonsensical:

...an all mighty omniscient being taking any actions? creating light without stars? embedding spiritual beings into physical bodies when simple spirits suffice? eternally punishing weak and ignorant beings without understanding of evil? Using his magic to stuff billions of species into a tiny boat so his magical flood kills everybody in the planet instead of, you know vanishing them in a microsecond with his magic?...

and evil:

...since he already knew Abraham would accept to kill his son, the total result of the exercise was to make Abraham have a hell of an afternoon, whats up with all the slavery, bigotry, misogynism, homophobia and ultimately all the authoritarianism and insistence in obedience against any ethical concerns one might have? Why does he demands we believe without any doubt that he will answer our prayers while at the same times makes no guarantee that he will actually answer them? and then pretends that taking no action and letting matters take its logical course constitutes an answer?...

and poorly defended:

Lack of evidence? Just believe it!
Makes no sense? Just believe it!
There are better explanations! Don't listen, its the Devil!
But that's not fair! Do you want to discuss that in hell?...

But I didn't became an agnostic until I found that there are many other religions and that their followers are sincere.

I became an atheist when I found out that all of them are based on false claims that must be taken on faith.

Only science make a rigorous attempt to reach truth.

I finally cased believing in my soul and the afterlife when I learned about neurology (and evolutionary psychology, but mostly neurology).

It's simple, the mind is the brain, no brain no mind, we can actually predict what part of your mind you will lose if we remove specific part of your brain, etc.


Unix assumed

I was reading over the documentation for Jinja2 when I realized that they assume you are running a Unix with sudo installed. No instructions for Windows or for installing from tarballs are given.

This means that that every day more and more developers are using unix as a platform.
Now I'm aware that MacOS X also includes sudo, and I suppouse some flavor of BSD does too,
so this doesn't count as a victory for linux, much less Ubuntu, but at least is not a defeat, its progress overall for the future of free desktops.

You know what makes me really happy? And apt line ^_^!

Anyway, shouldn't there be a way to automate the inclusion of a repostory and installation of software? What happened to klick, autopackage and 0install? Those are very good proposals that haven't got enough momentum. However I think whatever default mechanism for installation Ubuntu adopts will become the default for desktop oriented distros, that's the momentum Ubuntu has in the linux community.

Cutest book cover ever!

Prove me wrong.

Middle name

Extracted from from slashdot:

<dotancohen> Yes, we (the nerds) care about such things. Pedantic is our middle name.
<anonymous coward=""> My middle name is Clive, you insensitive clod!
<jmenzes> Anonymous Clive Coward? Your parents didn't like you very much, did they? :P
<daveime> Rincewind always said his middle name was "Luck" ... unfortunately his first name was "Bad".


New google favicon

Google has updated its favicon again!

I think it looks great, anyway, better that the prior favicon. I still don't like that the favicon and the logo have so little in common, perhaps Google is planning on upgrading their main logo as well. However given how strong a brand Google is right now I doubt it.


A la mitad de la noche

Mi gameboy (nombre provisional de mi netbook) desperto de hibernacion y busco la wireless a las 3:00. Será el antivirus? Cuando la forcé a apagarse dijo que otros usuarios tambien estaban conectados, tendra que ver con la carpeta compartida? Todo esto me recuerda que el 75% de los equipos en esta casa corren windows.

Tal vez debería apresurarme a cambiar a linux la netbook pero como dije, su killer app es lo facil que es dormirla y despertarla.

En fin. ahora para algo completamente diferente, decidi borrar 8 archivos (82MB) de los libros (gratuitos) que estaba dispuesto a leer sobre economia. Es simplemente demasiado, Aun me quedan 10 (85MB) los cuales no creo leerlos todos.


The Matrix runs on windows

Bueno pues el titulo es cat /dev/random no? voy a postear cosas más estupidas más seguido. Y depués hanlare de filosofía y programación.

The Matrix Runs on Windows