Net Neutrality is good Tinyurl is wrong

 I'm very sad to discover Tinyurl is spreading lies against net neutrality in a site I won't dignify by linking to it.

Net neutrality in an nutshell
 Internet usage can be measured, its unit is the bit/s or bits per second. The companies that built and/or manage the connection are called ISP for Internet Service Provider, everybody else is a user, you, me, Google, Yahoo, etc.
 Of course Google, Yahoo et al pay a lot more to their ISP because they transmit a lot more bit/s.
 The issue is, the ISP want to charge them more for each bit/s and that's the problem.

 ...at least half of it, the other problem is that ISP want to compete with them with their own services and are using their privileged position to slow down the competition, soon you'll find that YouTube is getting much slower than that brand new ISPTube, why could it be?[/sarcasm]
 And that's why net neutrality is so important. I don't care how much Google pays for each bit per second or each bit per month as long as they pay at the same rate than everybody else and specially, at the same rate than the ISP own services as well.

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