Review of Slumdog Millionaire

It's good, it really is, go watch it.

 For some, very specialized audiences, the movie won't be very original. It's about a very very poor kid who gets even poorer by tragic accidents and some how survives. Surviving, that's it, he actually isn't anywhere near becoming a millionaire until he gets into a Questions & answers TV Show.

 Thing is nobody believes a slumdog like him has gotten so much answers right, so he explains the story of his life, and how he came to know the answers he has got right out of tragic events.

 Its basically yet another movie about growing up in the slums, and its somehow captivating, it has action, tragedy, and even a love story without feeling stuffed. The greatest thing about the movie is taking a peek into the Indian culture, particularly the slums.

 Five stars.

 Bonus Post: Chai Wallah.

 I got really fond of this phrase, translated as "Tea boy", comes from:
 Chai: Tea
 Wallah: Worker

  I recongnozied the world chai immediately, long ago I read a comment about how the word "cha" is universal in Asia. It's prinounced "chai" in India and "chi" in some regions of China, but in Japan and most of asia is "cha", so we get an idea of how important and acient tea is in asian culture.

 I was even more suprised to see that this Indian, it's light brown and opaque, like coffe with milk.

 It happens to be Masala Chai, the most common type of tea in south India, it contains cinnamon, ginger, star anise, peppercorn, cloves and a herv I've never tasted before, cardamom.

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