DreamPie, check it out it is as good as they put it. It is the best python shell ever and I'm intent on using it for all my local python tinkering.

But... if only it worked over ssh! These days I spend 99% of the time working remotely meaning I can't use this gem. Also, locally it still doesn't beat ipython's "sh" profile, so for the time being, I'll be using ipython as my main shell as usual but for local stuff I completely recommend it over anything including the incredible ipython and that is hard to accomplish.

Stupid, useful web apps

Sometimes I'm amazed by the fact that there are some web applications for very simple stuff one would assume one can do without, and this time I'm gonna post about two of them.

The firt one is this the naked alarm clock. I'm not sure what's so naked about it, it's just a simple, yet highly configurable alarm clock for when you don't have a timer at hand.

The second one is more surprising Metronome Online is exactly what reads on the tin. So if you are trying to play some instrument or, in my case a game, then that's the perfect tool to keep your rhythm. I'm honestly surprised, now I have a metronome whenever I have a net connection.

The game I was playing was "The Company of myself" an excellent flash game I recommend to all of you. Only one level actually required timing enough for me to seek a metronome, but when you get that level you'll have just the tool for the work.

the bisigi project

I haven't feel like updating recently but I though I'd post about what desktop themes I'm currently using. So I decided to install all the themes and give each of them a try for about a week. And post about them.

Except I forgot about posting so, here's everything in one post.

The bisigi project is a set of free, high quality gnome themes. Visit the themes page
to see some gorgeous thumbnails.

And well this is my experience with them so far...

This one is one of the best in the bisigi project. The most exciting part about the theme is that all buttons are rounded, that really changes the feeling of the theme, it's one I'd use again.
A Mac-ish theme, like aqua, but green.
A gray theme with a solid feel, a dark bars and green highlights.
This theme just screams "ubuntu" in general and "koala" in particular, it has a very similar feeling to the original koala themes but doens't beat neither humanity nor dust sand. So it's not a very good impression at all, nice wallpaper tho.
This is just like tropical but with orange highlights, at this point I'm starting to get bored.

And this one is just like aquadreams but pink, I do have to mention the attention to detail, look at the ladybugs in the icon theme.
Isn't that cute? But it's just not for me.
Another theme that screams "ubuntu", another nice wallpaper, another too much orange theme. The engine has a nice murrina feel about it, it definitively is murrina based but subdued. I may use this one again but with different colors.

I haven't tried Wild-Shine long enough but it is basically Tropical with yellow highlights. Well I'll post more once I get tired of Wild Shine.