[SOLVED] Compiz window title bars missing.

Yes, orange, got any problems?
Another post I should have made ages ago, a week and a half to be precise. I upgraded to the new Ubuntu 9.10 and I haaaappy, lot's of new software in the repos and a lot of shiny polish and also the first time I actually feel like sticking with the default theme for once!

How ever I ran into an issues with compiz, either I could not enable it at all or the window decorations ( that's the name of the title bars for you). In order to solve this I had to change a setting in compiz and that means installing Compiz Settings Manager. Just go to the Ubuntu Software Center and install it if you haven't installed it yet.

Now open it and look for "Window Decorations"

There change the command to "compiz --replace"

That solved my problems. Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog when I googled your name after reading your comments about the 10.04 window button issue in the omgubuntu site.


I agree with what you said, Karmic's Human is a really good theme. The window decorations, the icons, even the coloring of the panels (not too bright, not too dark), they are all very well thought of.

I do change the wallpaper though :P I usually pick the grass one, that way it looks like it's growing around and on top of soil-colored windows, heh.

And dare I say it, but I believe Karmic's Human is closer to the 'Light' concept they're going after in the Ambiance and Radiance themes. Black panels, purple wallpaper and dark toolbars do not invoke a sense of lightness at all. Figuratively speaking it looks like Ubuntu is entering a sort of dark age with the user interface decisions they made with 10.04.

I wonder, will Shuttleworth eventually see the light (no pun intended) and go back to the track of developing a Linux for human beings? It's amazing how such a simple concept could still leave people like him confused by a desire to market and profit from their product, when that would come naturally just by listening closely to what the users want...