New Monitor

I'm not overcompensating for anything, I swear!

I should have posted this a week ago but here it is, this is my new monitor.

Nice isn't it? I've always wanted an LCD monitor and finally got one and a big one to boot!

The weird thing about this monitor is that it is changing the way I use the desktop, which in a way is good. On one hand some applications with a lot of panels that used to be a pain to use now are really easy to use! For instance Filezilla is finally usable with all panels rolled out.

The only way to file! (transfering... protocoling...)

On the other hand I find myself using unmaximized windows most of the time.

Gee thanks and it only took you 4 years...
The only thing I kind of lament is that most of my huge wallpaper collection no longer matches my desktop. Any way I was meaning to delete most of them, except the lame ones I made, here are two of my first wallpapers that didn't involve MS Paint, actually I'm just showing off the GIMP in wide screen.


But I guess now I'm going to start appreciating widescreen walls. A less obvious problem is that I can't hang key-chains on my monitor anymore, nor I can put any plushies on top of it either, which means that I'm storing away some of my toys. For instance, these guys used to hang in the first row, you are out.

Not cool brother, not cool at all
And only one of these is gonna make it.

From right to left, Burro the eevee, Pietrr the giraffe and Kirby the kirby.
Kuro Mokona rules supreme however, I can't dump him or he will tell Yuuko!
Also, bring more sake!
Wait was this a guy or a girl? Actually the official answer is "no".

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