Unix assumed

I was reading over the documentation for Jinja2 when I realized that they assume you are running a Unix with sudo installed. No instructions for Windows or for installing from tarballs are given.

This means that that every day more and more developers are using unix as a platform.
Now I'm aware that MacOS X also includes sudo, and I suppouse some flavor of BSD does too,
so this doesn't count as a victory for linux, much less Ubuntu, but at least is not a defeat, its progress overall for the future of free desktops.

You know what makes me really happy? And apt line ^_^!

Anyway, shouldn't there be a way to automate the inclusion of a repostory and installation of software? What happened to klick, autopackage and 0install? Those are very good proposals that haven't got enough momentum. However I think whatever default mechanism for installation Ubuntu adopts will become the default for desktop oriented distros, that's the momentum Ubuntu has in the linux community.

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