Miguel de Icaza, Microsoft Apologist

You know I read a lot and I mean a lot on MS corruption and the hypocrisy of Microsoft apologists. And I'm not only reading one side, I try to listen to them, resisting the pain, and it's simply clear they are out there just to spread disinformation in a concerted attempt to prop Microsoft and divert attention from the Free Software movement and if they can diss RMS in they process you can bet they'll try.

In the end it wasn't working so they flip floped and now pretend to be a bastion of idealism (sure...) with a new fake open source foundation/corporation.

I'm not making this up, Miguel himself comments that Microsoft actually founded two organizations with the same name, one comercial, one non-profit, both Microsoft Staffed.

Really I can't gather enough energy to recap all I read so I'll just link to this excelent article which condensates the whole matter in a couple pages of text: On Mono, Miguel, Stallman and Fusion with Microsoft

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