Social networking chores.

  1. I'm ditching Diqus from my template, it doesn't work well and I can't even comment in my own blog, it sucks.
  2. Fucking Facebook has been bugging me recently even tough I tried deactivating my account. I'm reactivating to show facebook some "love".
  3. Also because I learned that I have to untag me from my friends pictures, which also sucks.
  4. I've to write to an old friend to ask WTF is he doing in NY! Hope he's having fun.
  5. Some guy who hates me requested to be my friend in (fucking XD) facebook. There you have the very definition of WTF.
  6. Write a (hopefully short) rant on SciFi.
  7. Write a (hopefully short) rant on gender equality and dress codes for Sage.
  8. Show some other blogger whose name I forgot, who was looking for a pythonic XML writing tool, one little script I made.
  9. Maybe, just maybe, write that software review for file renamers in Ubuntu I had planned since the begining of time (actually 220 days ego, exatcly, creepy uh?)

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